Crafted Cocktails

Daily Specials

Monday – $5 moscow mules

Tuesday – $5 manhattans, old fashioneds and vodka/gin martinis

Wednesday – $10 off any bottle of wine

Thursday – $2 off tap wine and beer


Seasonal Selections:

Crouching Tiger:  Taiwan, $12

Strawberry and banana battle it out within a tart, semi-sweet sparkling cooler.

Brush Fire:  Mexico, $10

Heat south of the border cries for the refreshment of this pineapple, pepper, and agave spirits cocktail.

Monastery Magic:  France, $11

This low ABV cava creation promotes inner peace with its herbaceous, citrus, and spice notes.

Palheta’s Bouquet:  Brazil, $10

Bright citrus meets dark roast Brazilian coffee infused cacaçha in this two-part love affair.

Gadodia Marketplace:  India, $11

A boozy, bitter beauty lightened by sweet watermelon and East Indian spices.

Orwells 11:  United Kingdom, $10

George himself would approve of this strong English black tea libation featuring citrus and rhubarb.

Medianoche:  Carribean, $11

Go BANANAS for this mysterious tropical rum getaway!

Scandic Pop:  Russia, $11

Black currants and caraway stand out in this “bearly” innocent bourbon refresher.

Mirage:  Czech Republic, $10

A kooky mix of local IPA beer, pineapple, and fernet will have you questioning everything you see.



Bird on a Live Wire:  $10

Jungle Bird gets an unorthodox twist with smoky-spiced chocolate.

High Tea Sour:  $11

Chamomile and green apple soothe this sweet Irish whiskey sour.

Frontiersman:  $13

Hints of whiskey, coffee, and hickory.  Enough said.

421 Daiquiri:  $1o

Traditional daiquiri featuring locally made, C3 designed rum!

Noble Traveler:  $10

This slow sipping Scotch tiki drink was made for the adventurous type.



House Ginger Beer – $4

House Tonic:  Herbs and citrus – $4

Mule on Holiday:  Passionfruit, lime, salt, house ginger beer – $5

Shrub Soda:  Strawberry-balsamic shrub, soda water – $4